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The Scammicus Saga

Background of Senator Scammicus, Warrior, Engineer, Philosopher, Hedge Knight.

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Alliance Guild, Arathor, US

March 17, 2020 by Scammicus


Today, he goes by many titles, Ambassador, the Beloved, the Noble, the Fabulous, Professor, Hordebreaker and Veteran of the Fourth War.  Its a long way from the hills of the Red Ridge mountains and his childhood home near Athler's Mill.  So many adventures, battles and deeds of epic lore.  But back then, he was just a naive young lad living as good a life as you could in the constant challenges of the frontier.  His father was an engineer, and a damn good one, who by the sweat of his brow kept the mechanisms of the mill running.  Never handy with a blade, he could wield a spanner with the force of a warhammer as many a Gnoll or Kobold could attest if they still lived to regale you with the tale.  But when the king called upon the realm to defend against the Orcs, then the Horde and the Burning Legion, it was his son who took up the call to arms.

Not of noble blood, but good blood none the less, Scammicus learned the art of the Warrior under the tutalege of the King's Sergeant's at Arms, and through the hard lessons of battle itself.  By the end of his time in the Kings service, he was a Knight, and proudly so.  But comes a time between the wars when a man seeks adventure on his own and the East Kingdoms become far to small.  This is where Scammicus's story really began, on a stormy night in the Inn at Theramore where he met an assasination rogue by the name of Faynia.  Or perhaps their story begins.  But that is a story for another time.