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Faynia, The Talon Queen

The Honourable Assassin

Facta Non Verba

Alliance Guild, Arathor, US

March 15, 2020 by Tabitha007

Last Update: 22 March 2020


Faynia was one of the five founding members of FNV. Her older sister, Tabitha, was the original Guild Leader but handed leadership to Rayvenne when FNV moved to Arathor.  Faynia is the current GL for FNV. 

Pet collecting & achievements are her things and she and NoQuarter have the largest pet collections in the guild and are also first and second in achievements. Faynia is currently #5 on the realm leaderboards with 1135 unique pets including the elusive Minfernal from Felwood. Also has collected some special mounts over the years: first in guild to earn the Netherdrake from Burning Crusade, first to get the Violet Protodrake from the year-long achievement, the first to get the White Bear from Storm Peaks, and the only guild member to obtain the Violet Spellwing from Legion.

Faynia was the first FNV to acquire legendary weapons, Fangs of the Father from Dragonsoul and is indebted to the guild for running that raid weekly for months!  

Assassination is her comfort zone although she has dabbled in Subtlety back in the day. 

Faynia is not in the least competitive but has held the guild record for achievements for many years (and does not intend to slip into second).