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Are you a mythic-ready raider looking for a guild? We want YOU!

<Fiasco> Ravencrest-EU 4/10 M 10/10 HC is looking for mythic-ready players to our roster! We're especially looking for more ranged players, but if you're an exceptional healer or a death knight, we want you too! We raid three times a week, and our guild has an active RBG and M+ scene.


Alliance Guild, Ravencrest, EU

January 25, 2021 by Oageoni


<Fiasco> Ravencrest-EU is a newly formed Mythic raid guild for Shadowlands. The guild management, as well as the core raid group is an experienced and dedicated bunch of players, who achieved Cutting Edge from Nyalotha. Our aim is to keep improving and achieve CE during each tier in Shadowlands.

Current progress in Castle Nathria:
10/10 HC
4/10 M

Currently looking for exceptional dps and healers to bolster our ranks!

To succeed in this goal and keep the raiding enjoyable, we expect from our raiders the following:

  • Dedication for Cutting Edge raiding
  • 90% attendance
  • Class/encounter knowledge, consistent performance, good attitude and strive to improve

In addition to Heroic and Mythic raids, we are also looking forward for guild rated battlegrounds.
During BFA we were able to reach 2.2k+ rating and aiming even higher in Shadowlands!

Raiding times: Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 18.00-21.00 server time
If you think you'd be a good fit, contact us through Guilds of Wow or send a DM on Discord to one of our officers:
Malizious (Malise#2584)
Adynia (Aino#8321)
Olenapina (Apina#8768)