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We are a family based guild looking for people who want to be apart of a positive environment and help create a community of friendship. We are a guild that has been around since BC and had recently transferred servers so, as we only have a few and still waiting on some previous members to transfer we are currently on our way to doing mythic raids and dungeons and doing keys and exploring endgame content.

We are a happy guild that loves nothing more than helping you experience this content with us, together. We are constantly doing dungeons together, constantly doing quests together, constantly gearing up appropriately and guiding others who are new and don't know exactly what to do

If you are having trouble finding a guild to fit in, or having an issue with companionship while you quest, or maybe it's your first time/newish and don't know what to do, perhaps you're a returning player not sure of what's new, or even a long time player tired of being used and barked at in other communities, we are here for you. Whether you're wanting to hunt achievements/mounts/pets/transmogs/sets or you're wanting to quest casually or do dungeons and raids and whatnot, We would be happy to have you as we are recruiting for social, pvp, dungeons, raids and mythics! Your adventure IS our adventure - Fellowship of the Light

My blizzard is Doobah#11179, My discord is Doobah34, or you can message my characters Awrath or Gangle. (P.S. we are not a roleplaying guild, but don't mind welcoming the idea if that's what you're into! Always fun to try something new y'know. We switched to this server due to the lack of toxicity from other players.)

Fellowship Of The Light recruits; Characters on Americas • Retail region. Preferred
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