Fates Reforged

Alliance Guild • Silvermoon • EU • Retail


Raid Recruitment - Nov 2020 Update

Status of new applications to the guild for Shadowland launch and Castle Nathria raiding

Fates Reforged

Alliance Guild, Silvermoon, EU

November 13, 2020 by NeeK

Last Update: 26 January 2021


In recent months we have had a huge influx of applicants for the Fates Reforged raiding team. Due to this over abundance of raiders, we are limiting applications for new raiders. Flexiable Tanks and Healers are always welcomed.
Applications are still open for those who wish to join our flourishing social community for M+ and other activities. We are active both in game and on our Discord and all our members are welcoming to new guildies.
If social members wish to try out at a later date for the raid team then they are welcome to do so, but we cannot promise any regular raids during progression.