Far Beyond Insanity

Alliance Guild, Stormrage, US


140 25/25 7 Reports Audit


Semi-Hardcore, Adult, Raiding guild


Raid Smart; Not Hard

Let me first start off saying thank you for having an interest in Far Beyond Insanity. We are a small, mature, adult raiding guild with the goals of progression and having a good time amongts those we raid with. We are not a hardcore raiding guild with the sole focus of obtaining "Cutting Edge" however, we will tackle each boss one at a time with hopes of getting it. We are looking for mature, reliable, positive attitude, adults with the passion, the dedication, and the commitment to push themselves each and every time they are raiding. 


Far Beyond Insanity started out on Hellscream in 2008 and moved to Stormrage in 2010. Over the years we have grown and became one of the top 2 night raiding guilds on Stormrage during MoP, WoD and Legion. During Legion, the guild came to an end. Recently, the GM has returned and started a fresh rebuild in Shadowlands. The hardcore, cut-throat style that was once in the past is no longer the atmostphere and is more focused on finding great people who play well to tackle mythic content. It is a place where people can learn, teach and grow together as a team. Our single core team will promote the best in everyone with high expections that are progression focused. We still have a quality of standards. We are not looking to be server first, the best of anything but we are looking to achieve progression at every level. 


Our raid schedule is Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 9pm to Midnight EST. All 3 days are required to be a part of our core mythic roster. Not all 3 days will be used for progression purposes. Typically 2 days are set for progression and 1 day for farm. Where other guilds have an optional day for bringing alts, sales, or farm content, it is included in our 3 days schedule. Let's be honest, is it really optional? Can someone actually sell a run with half the members not there to assist carrying? Maybe, but we expect our team to take full part in our 3 days schedule. 


Attendance is of highest priority and everyone needs to be here each raid night to maintain a full time team spot.


Our core mythic roster will consist of 24 total people. We will have additional casual members as well. The core team will be rotated regularly in and out of the raid. This is to ensure everyone has equal opportunity for progression and gear. Each member of the core team must be equaly as reliable and equaly as skilled. The extra is to cover when someone absolutely needs to be out for any special occassion. After all we know things happen and we must be prepared for it. 


Feel free to contact anyone in guild about information. We are always looking for new, fresh, motivated individual that are looking for a long term group of people with one goal in mind, having a good time progressing while wiping.

GM Contact


Btag: Krazy#1922

Discord: Krazy#6618

Sanctum of Domination
10 / 10
10 / 10
4 / 10
Castle Nathria
10 / 10
10 / 10
6 / 10


Our Schedule:

Tues/Wed/Thur 9 pm - Midnight EST - Invites go out at 8:45 pm

We will run heroic regularly weekly during this raid time even once we are in mythic. Mythic will consist of 2 days max however everyone is expected to make all 3 days regularly.


Attendance is extremely important. Our roster will consist of and maintain 24 total mythic raiders however to maintain to a full time raid position we expect all raiders to be here 92% of the raid. This means not missing more than 1 raid every 2 months.


Best way to contact us,

Btag: Krazy#1922

Discord: Krazy#6618

Druid Druid
Druid Balance Druid Restoration
Mage Mage
Mage Arcane Mage Fire Mage Frost
Paladin Paladin
Paladin Holy
Priest Priest
Priest Discipline Priest Shadow
Warlock Warlock
Warlock Affliction Warlock Demonology Warlock Destruction

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