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What is our aim?

Our main aim is to provide a website which is directly integrated with Blizzard and other official services easily and automatically with a great user experience. There are other great WoW websites for tracking guilds and rankings, but they are not suitable platforms for generating guild websites and promoting guild informations. Our main focus is to keep everything in touch with World of Warcraft APIs so you can see your guildies instantly when they log in or you can make guild searches or recruitments just by selecting your character.

This website is totally a WoW oriented website. So we are giving all our focus to WoW integrations like, WoW Progress, Warcraft Logs, Raider IO etc. Guild data is automatically fetched and updated from official World of Warcraft APIs.

We worked hard to provide a good and slick user experience. Guilds can create a customized page for their needs quickly and easily.

We also have a social part. You can view players within your guild and if they entered their personal info to their profile you can view them.

So we wanted to generate a hub for guilds which players can view all information about guild ecosystem and may redirect to Armory, WoWProgress, RaiderIO or any other website from this page.

Why do I have to login with Battle.Net?

By logging in with your account we can identify your account easily and securely. By signing you can see other characters in your guild, ranks, item levels and a lot of other stuff from your guild page.

How can I trust your website?

We have implemented official login services for our infrastructure so it's %100 secure. Because you log-in via and enter your credentials to page we cannot see or get any of your credentials. What we do here is when you click to login with buttons we redirect you to official Blizzard login page. After logging in, Blizzard redirects a specific token for our registered platform back to us. We use that token to get some of your account informations which are detailed below.

What informations does Blizzard give about my account?

We can get very limited information from Blizzard. We can only get your Battle.Tag, id (a specific integer number not a credential) and characters bound to your account. That's all we get! We can't get any more information even if we wanted to.

How come you don't get any of my credentials but you can login me?

These login services are called oauth login services. Just like when you login with Facebook to a website/application you make an oauth login and integration follows the same logic.

What happens behind the mask is, website redirects user to official login page. User logins with credentials and decides to add/not to add permission to the related platform. If everything goes well redirects user back with an account specific token. With that token we can get some user info for a brief period of time. After 30 days that token dies so you have to login to again to refresh the token if you want to.

This is the basics of an ouath login mechanism. You may check this official Blizzard documentation for further information if you like.

Who can create guild pages?

To form your guild page you have to be guild leader on that guild. We want to be sure that GMs are aware of this page. After forming your page you can give other players whichever permission you want.

What if I am not a GM?

Other than GMs cannot form guild pages, but you can ask your GM to create the page and give you the permissions you need on that page.

Why should I form my page?

By creating your page you can promote your guild and allow your guild to be found quickly and very easily. You may create posts, custom recruitment form, guild events and bind twitch accounts. Your guildies may upload pictures. Your guild progress, logs and roster is automatically fetched. Characters' Raider IO information is also fetched in a matter of time after you create your guild page. You can customize your page backgrounds and modules to make your page more unique.

Will I pay anything for this service?

Nope, Guilds of WoW is a free service. But you may become a patreon if you like to to support our development. Click to become a patreon.

How to delete my account?

We're sorry that you've asked this question but no website rules forever. Simply login with your account and go to this page to delete all your account information on Guilds of WoW.

How to delete my guild?

To delete your guild from Guilds of WoW you have to be the GM of the guild. Then go to guild options page to delete all your guild information on Guilds of WoW.

What about World of Warcraft Classic?

First of all we love vanilla WoW and we're fun of Classic. At the moment to implement them into this portal we are waiting for official Blizzard APIs. We're regularly checking Blizzard documentation for any changes. We'll inform you when there's more good news. Go to notification settings page and make sure you have Patch Notes channel enabled to receive notifications from us about this thread.

For further information click here to go to WoW Classic API forum post.

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