Family First

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Family First Update

We did 8/9 N and 1/9 H, but we are still missing more players in the progressionteam. We are looking for dps to keep moving towards mythic raiding and to complete our raidteam. We really need a priest and a rogue for our team.

Family First

Alliance Guild, Ravencrest, EU

January 21, 2023 by Freakynature

Last Update: 18 May 2023


Family First restarted with a brandnew roster just before Dragonflight. We have established a team durins the first two seasons who enjoy raids and m+ many times a week. There are a mix of players with various amounts of time for gaming, but the mainteam consists of players that show up for most of our raids. We need more players that can come most wednesdays and monndays, cus we want to do mythic raiding at some point and when that happen we will have to make sure we have a steady team of around 20 players + our stong backupplayers.

ATM we are just belowe or just above 20 players every time, but not all oid these players will want to do mythic raiding and not all of these players will want to battle out clearing heroic, which is completely fine. We accept casual players and more sserious players and we only accept those that can show respect and understanding for pålayers with other mindsets than themselves.

Start your candidatetime with us,? Apply ingame [Guild: Family First] or here on this website.