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About Faded

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Alliance Guild, Argent Dawn, EU

March 30, 2021 by Davy


Faded was formed towards the near end of BfA in the hopes of creating a vibrant community of misfits who just didn't want to game alone in the big world of WoW. We achieved this! We wanted to create a community that focused on a more relaxed gaming experience, without the typical toxicity that we've all come to hate. Additionally, we're not just all about WoW! On our discord you will find that we encourage our members to participate in other games, and social events, because we're not just people who play WoW together! 

On our discord you'll find: 

  • A bomb ass trash meme section!
  • Pets Corner - with amazing members cute pets! 
  • Other games - such as Overwatch, Valheim, Heores of the Storm, DOTA, LoL, etc. 
  • Guild Parties - twice a month we host guild parties where members can (if they want to) webcam up and bring their snacks, drinks and best selves to enjoy quizzes, fancy dress, movie nights, and more!

So if all of the above sounds like something you would like to be apart of, join Faded, and make some friends!