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Larodar Unflamekeepered

And thus we join the 6/9M club!

Ex Oblivione

Horde Guild, Ragnaros, EU

February 5, 2024 by Rory


Congrats to the raid team for getting it done, a smooth Larodar kill and pushing up to 6/9M! Not bad for a casual AOTC guild :)

Now we have Smolderon to deal with, not an easy task but let's give it our best o/

Teph's PoV: https://youtu.be/FjNKdCvBWBo


Nymue Weavercycled!
Nymue Weavercycled! Bye bye Nymue 😭
Council of Dreams Uncouncilled
Council of Dreams Uncouncilled 4/9M Done!
Glory of the Dream Raider DONE!
Glory of the Dream Raider DONE! Another season of glorious raid achievements!
Mythic Volcoross Downed!
Mythic Volcoross Downed! 3/9M done!
Mythic Igira Crueled
Mythic Igira Crueled 2/9M sorted o/
Heroic Fyrakk & Mythic Gnarlroot downed!
Heroic Fyrakk & Mythic Gnarlroot downed! Yet another AOTC with the guild (I lost count) and first mythic boss of the tier killed.
Mythic Experiments Forgottened
Mythic Experiments Forgottened Fuhgeddaboudit!
Mythic Amalgamation Chambered
Mythic Amalgamation Chambered Third boss downed!
Mythic Zaqali Assaulted
Mythic Zaqali Assaulted Second boss downed!
Mythic Kazzara Hellforgeded
Mythic Kazzara Hellforgeded Kazzara be deaded
Another one of those AOTCs
Another one of those AOTCs First kill on HC Sarkareth!
Recruitment has been opened up!
Recruitment has been opened up! Ex Oblivione is getting ready for 10.1 !
Kurog Grimtotemed
Kurog Grimtotemed We totemally owned that boss :D
Mythic Sennarth Splattered
Mythic Sennarth Splattered We totally 'spinned' that boss (get it? cause spiders spin webs...) /leaves chat
Mythic Terros Downed
Mythic Terros Downed We totally *rocked* that boss.
RIP Brianbear
RIP Brianbear Rest well old friend.
Vault Raided with Glory!
Vault Raided with Glory! And that's another guild achievement run done :D
AOTC Raszageth :)
AOTC Raszageth :) And that's another AOTC
Glory of the DF Hero
Glory of the DF Hero Achievements ftw 🤜
Normal Cleared (just before 🎅Christmas🎅)!
Normal Cleared (just before 🎅Christmas🎅)! RIP 🐲 RIP
Second mission accomplished!
Second mission accomplished! Our second mission of S4 has been accomplished.
First mission accomplished
First mission accomplished All normal Fated raids cleared.
Normal/Heroic Fated Castle Nathria cleared!
Normal/Heroic Fated Castle Nathria cleared! Our main team's first clear in Normal and Heroic Castle Nathria.
3rd boss down!
3rd boss down! And we're 3/11M now!
Ex Oblivione are recruiting!
Ex Oblivione are recruiting! Currently putting the finishing touches on our main raid team!