Eternally Condemned

Alliance Guild, The Maelstrom, EU


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Eternally Condemned - (EU) The Maelstrom

**★ Eternally Condemned ★**

Hey! So we have caught your attention and you might be interested in what our guild is all about!

We are a social and casual raiding guild with high ambitions for patch 9.2. The last couple of patches we have been progressing through HC and done a couple of Mythic bosses. With new management in combination with a good organization and a strong roster, we are aiming to go all the way for Cutting Edge in 9.2, while still staying a 2-day raiding guild.

**Why should you care?**

We are continuously recruiting good players to join our raiding team, so if you are searching for a potential new guild to raid with - Continue reading!

**What can we offer you?**

- Our main focus is building a fun, toxic-free raiding environment, but still serious about progress.
- We can offer you a very active guild built around socials, raiders and key-pushers.
- A 2-day raiding schedule; 19:30-22:30 on Thursdays and Sundays.
- A weekly optional raid with a lower difficulty of what we are currently progressing is also offered.
- A weekly mythic plus event where we help people improve their rating by doing mythic plus keys (15 and above).
- A weekly PvP event consisting in Rated Battlegrounds.
- Other social events with prizes.
- Lastly, we offer an active and well-structured and fun Discord server, where most of our communication happens.

**What do we expect from you?**

- You are a team-oriented player.
- You are looking to challenge yourself.
- You understand that you are a part of a team, and therefore commit to join most of the raids. We are also aiming to have around 25 players in our Mythic roster, so you understand that squad rotation is a natural part of this structure.

**What do we do outside of raids?**

We started out as a social guild in 2014, so we have a rather large base of casual and social players. We do everything from tmog runs to pushing keys on days off. So the question is rather, what _**don't**_ we do?

​I'm sure you've noticed by now that we have a place for everyone, regardless of their focus, so everyone is welcome to join!

**Still have your attention?**

If this sounds like a potential guild for you, don't hesitate contacting any of our officers below:

Goldieh-TheMaelstrom (GM)

Mysticraven -TheMaelstrom (GM)

Bogzanel-Deathwing (Raid Organiser)

Itto-Dragonblight (Raid Leader)



If none of us are online at the time, please apply through the guild finder with a note, so we can answer you as quickly as possible!

Best Regards from all of us in E.C.!


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Sanctum of Domination
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Castle Nathria
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