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Welcome to Epitome


My name is Baz, I was the GL of Epitome during the WotLK era and I am rebuilding Epitome to what it used to be. All of the info is on the website. We are currently looking for people that will become members (and possibly officers if that's your thing) as we rebuild the guild for the next expansion. We need members for our raiding and mythics teams, but have members that play socially as well.


We are currently running a promotion where the top 10 active players will get a WoW Token on the 1st of each month (Gifted as $23 in Blizzard account cash). If you want to play WoW for free than this is a great time to join as our numbers are currently pretty small. We will also be doing monthly give-aways for a computer peripheral (headphones/mouse/keyboards/ect.) each month.

Raiding | Mythics

Currently we raid on Saturdays at 7pm EST (if we have enough people) and Mythics on Mondays at 7pm EST. If you have never raided or done high level content we will help gear you and teach you. This is a low pressure environment so feel free to come learn and have fun.

Overall I am trying to build this guild into a guild that is highly organized and curated. We intend to cover all aspects of the game. If this sounds like something you are interested in please comment below or hit me up in game.

Check out the website for more info (Discord link on the website);




Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope
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Vault of the Incarnates
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Recruitment is Open!

We are entering a period of wide growth as we head into The War Within. Everybody is welcome. We are currently building teams for raiding and mythics. If you are worried that your geart isnt good enough or that you don't know what you are doig...don't. We can help. We will help you get your gear ready and teach you.

We run monthley promotions hwere we will pay for your WoW subscrioption if you are one of the most active players in the guild. We also run monthly give aways where we give away PC periphials like headphones, mice and keyboards.

Outside of raiding and and mythics all other play styles are welcome. If you have been looking for a guild that is well organised and non-judgmental, then you just found it.

See more at www.epitomeguild.com

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