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Horde Guild, Hakkar, US

November 14, 2020 by TraennaNyx


Our Guild was created in October of 2020 after a decision from the Core Raid Team to disband from our previous community. The founders of Entente met with the vision to create a community with different personalities unified with equal goals to play end game content, enjoy the game in various ways, and lastly find friends to reach out to. During the weeks approaching Shadowlands our Guild Officers have made many leaps to ensure the future of Entente, creating content through our Facebook Page, continuing to use our Discord, and of course, hosted in game mini events such as transmog runs, current expansion old content, pet battle tournaments, and more! Our guild is divided into groups: we have our semi-hardcore raiders, a part of our R.A.I.D.E.R.S. that push our guild to continue growing in end game content, working towards pushing through the challenges that await us in Shadowlands. We also have our casual players that have a bouncy schedule and have opportunities to jump in on current old content raids, mythic dungeons, and mini games. Aside from the two groups, we welcome any other brilliant ideas our community may come up with! Leadership is comprised of various morals and ethics, where we try in all ways to meet the needs of all individual players, without compromising our "Guild Conduct". We want our community to be professional, relaxing, and above all respectful in all their encounters. From Entente to you, we welcome you to join us in Discord or Facebook without having to become a full member. We also welcome you with arms and glory to become a full fledge member today! Lok'Tar Ogar! (Victory or Death!)