DuRel Mercenaries

Alliance Guild • Wyrmrest Accord • US • Retail


And so... the recruitment begins.

DuRel Mercenaries is seeking members to stat a raiding team.

DuRel Mercenaries

Alliance Guild, Wyrmrest Accord, US

March 16, 2021 by Sileka


DuRel Mercenaries is currently looking for individuals who are wanting to raid in the mornings. We are in need of tanks, healers, melee, ranged, mgacial, and physical dps. (Yup, we need you all!)

Raid times will be:
Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday
6:45am to 9:00am (-6 UTC \ CST)
(Starting with Normal Castle Nathria)

We are a micro guild at this time, hoping to expand to discover new friendships and have fun raiding. With a strong belief in the saying, "Bring the player, not the class," DuRel Mercenaries strives for a raid seriously, rather then seriously raid mentality. We want our raiders to take the raid seriously (try their best) but do not expect them to bend over to min/max for the raid (flavor of the month builds/classes or using every possible potion the moment it comes off of cool down).

If you are interested in joining and raiding, please send an in-game message (tell or mail) to Lightfox or Anleitung! You could also try searching for us on the Guild Finder. We hope to see you soon!