Double Dragon

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Shadowlands Collectible Mounts

With a new expansion brings new additions to my favorite collection, mounts!

Double Dragon

Alliance Guild, Lightbringer, US

November 30, 2020 by Solara


Hello Dragons!


I hope Shadowlands is everything you hoped it would be! As we are coming to the end of the first week I am feeling pretty good with my progress and decided to take a break from world quests, Torghast and character leveling to collect some of the easy to get mounts that came with the new expansion, to my surprise there are quite a few availble that are not locked behind achievements or reputation. I picked up three easy mounts last night all in Ardenweald in about 30 minutes.


First was the Shimmermist Runner - a lovely unicorn at the end of the mists of tirna scythe area (not inside the instance). This mount looks beautiful and is fun to get, head to /way 32.54, 53.05 - there is a blue note on a tree, read this then proceed to the Mistveil Tangle maze, the path is LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, STRAIGHT AHEAD - Kill Shizgher, pet the Shimmermist Runner - he is now yours! Note: This is only available when the treasure 'Tamed Gladerunner' is up on the map.


While you're in the area, a rare called Gormtamer Tizo will appear if you are lucky, killing this rare awards the Spinemaw Gladechewer mount, kind of gross but adds to your collection nevertheless.


Lastly, if you haven't seen the crowds hopping around major hubs on giant frogs you haven't explored this expansion enough, the Arboreal Gulper mount is easily obtained by planting an Unusually Large Mushroom in the Damp Loam located at /way 32.42 30.26 - the loam respawns every 10 minutes and the mushroom has a 20 minute timer, so be quick! Once planted your mushroom will develop into a Rapidly Growing Mushroom and finally to Humon'gozz. Slay the shroom to obtain the mount! Everyone who takes part in the kill gets one, the easiest way to obtain this is to keep an eye on general chat for someone forming a group.


This is only three of the many new mounts this expansion, If you are looking for a completionists guide to shadowlands mount collecting click HERE.


Happy mount collecting!