Double Dragon

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Release Schedule- Shadowlands, Castle Nathria Raid, Mythic+ & PVP Season 1, Torghast Tower

We have 24 hours until Shadowlands releases! How will you spend your first two weeks beyond the veil?

Double Dragon

Alliance Guild, Lightbringer, US

November 22, 2020 by Solara

Last Update: 23 November 2020


We now have just about 24hrs before Shadowlands goes live at 6pm EST, whether you are planning to race for realm/world first or casually level in this new expansion we have the first full two weeks of the expansion to explore, quest, battle in world PvP and delve deep into the new covenant system and climb the Torghast Tower. Below you will find the release schedule of the currently planned content releases:


November 23rd - Shadowlands goes live at 6pm EST - Normal & Heroic dungeons open


November 24th - Reset from 10am - 11am , then Mythic 0, Torghast Tower layers 1-3 & Renown go live


December 8th Castle Nathria Raid: Normal & Heroic difficulties, Mythic+ / PVP Season 1 begins, Torghast Tower layers 4-6

December 15th – Mythic Castle Nathria, Raid Finder Wing 1, Torghast Tower layers 7-8

January 5th – Raid Finder Wing 2

January 19th – Raid Finder Wing 3

February 2nd – Raid Finder Wing 4


Happy Adventuring Dragons!