Double Dragon

Alliance Guild • Lightbringer • US • Retail


Are you prepared for Shadowlands?

With the Shadowlands release date fast approaching, have you taken the time to prepare?

Double Dragon

Alliance Guild, Lightbringer, US

November 22, 2020 by Solara


With the Shadowlands release date fast approaching, have you taken the time to prepare? Before launch don't forget to....


1.) Clean out your bags & bank- All that BFA gear you have been hoarding will be useless in addition to some materials, quest & xpac specific items... clear it out now before you start leveling and don't have room for everything you are going to pick up!


2.) Finish leveling those alts! - Take advantage of the Anniversary event and it's bonus 16% leveling XP, add a +10% xp potion and the levels will fly by, once SL lauches the last thing you will want to do is play old content!


3.) Update & Install addons - this guild uses Deadly Boss Mods for timers, and be aware that if you use Twitch to manage your addons that they will be migrating to the new Curseforge app by 11/30. Other addons I recommend are Details Damage Meter & Astral Keys.


4.) Rest up & stock up on refreshments IRL - if you are anything like me you won't be going anywhere for a while after launch.


5.) Make sure your Discord is installed & updated, double check your sound devices!


6.) Decide on a main - don't wait until the last minute to decide what you are going to play, this has been the hardest decision for me this expansion but I put a lot of thought into my main preemptively to avoid picking at random.


7.) Review all the latest information on the Shadowlands expansion on , , etc. - spend some time exploring the convenet and soulbind calculators abilities, cosmetics and more that are coming with the new expansion and make a game plan for your character.


Less than 48 hours now until launch, I can't wait to see you all in the Shadowlands!