Disciples Reborn

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Disciples Sanctum of Domination Update

Our first post of 9.1!

Disciples Reborn

Horde Guild, Stormscale, EU

July 16, 2021 by Vanq


We've finally arrived at Torghast 2.0 and the first thing i have to say about this raid is Oh My God there's so much trash and so much running. We've been doing our best not to wipe but it happens unfortunately! We're on our second week of raiding and as you'd expect we've hit the Painsmith wall and some of our intial trials haven't been able to continue on with us and i know that sentence is sad but it does mean we've opened up our recruitment again! I'm going to be a bit picky this time around as we only have a niche to fill.


Who are we?

Disciples is a Social Community on the connected realms of Alonsus/Anachronos/Kul-Tiras consisting of players of all back grounds and interests, Majority of our playerbase is from the UK ageing from late twenties to early thirties, We run Multiple events and Two raiding teams through the Tier, We have a Mythic Progression Team raiding twice a week and a Heroic Team raiding once a week (More details to follow below) We are however more than a raiding team and we encourage all interests to join us, To encompass this we run a Mythic + night, Two RBG nights (One for people with no experience and one for a more experienced group) We also run a Varierty night where we do old content, Alts Levelling.


Mythic Raid Team

The mythic raid team consists of a playerbase that was forged together during Castle Nathria to push ourselves within upper echelons of the Game we have a wide array of players some that have been in hardcore guilds achieving CE before and those that have rarely set foot in Mythic that being said we are all united under one banner with one Goal in mind, Cutting Edge and nothing will stand in our way. During our Rocky road throughout Castle Nathria the officer team worked tirelessly to collate these players and forge the team we stand with today, Although we started Mythic incredibly late we managed to acheive a respectable 8/10M which will springboard our aspirations into 9.1. Since we have started our journey in the Sanctum on the tireless pursuit of Sylvannas herself we have achieved a respectable 5/10HC on our 2 days a week schedule below is what we are looking for;


- Holy Paladin

- Disc/Holy Priest


- Warlock

- Shadow Priest

Raiding Days & Contact Info

Mondays 21:00CET - 24:00CET (20:00 - 23:00 UK Time)

Thursdays 21:00CET - 24:00CET (20:00 - 23:00 UK Time)

Please apply via Guilds of WoW OR Contact myself on Discord Hoterino#6305