Disciples Reborn

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Disciples Reborn

Horde Guild, Stormscale, EU

May 5, 2021 by Vanq


A Full solid reset on Council, We're up to 69 wipes now 😅 and progression is coming along nicely although the real P3 test is just beginning. So far this definitely has to be one of the first bosses that have given me a headache post raid nights, Enjoyable nontheless.

For a roster that has been through a whirlwind of changes since it's inception at the start of Shadowlands, I'm extremely proud of the progress we've made and we continue to make. We are looking to increase our small roster into something a bit more CE ready to finish the tier and go into 9.1 with!

For those interested in the Team a quick Summary;

- Majority UK Based Players

-Non Toxic Raid Nights

-Consistent Raid Night (No cancellations)

-Feasts, Flasks, Pots and Repairs provided

-Healthy inhouse Competition


Just a little blurb on our current recruitment status!


-Holy Paladin


- Monk

- Mage

- Hunter

- Priest



Disciples is always looking for the raider with the right attitude.

Add me on Tag Vanq#2404 OR Discord Hoterino#6305

Please have a minimum of 10/10HC before applying.