Disciples Reborn

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Disciples Guild Update

Disciples Reborn

Horde Guild, Stormscale, EU

April 5, 2021 by Vanq

Last Update: 6 April 2021



The guild has very recently undergone a change in leadership to help push forward in acheiving its goals within the new expansion, Unfortuantely we have lost all of our posts!

Disciples is a social community on the Alonsus, Kul Tiras and Anachronos realms that wants to progress together whilst enjoying the game. We raid regularly and are always running Mythic + Keys, RBGs, Random other events such as Old raids, Levelling parties.

Disciples has been a long standing Guild on these connected servers, We have always strived to create a great social enviroment to play the game in, Both inside and Outisde of raids. We at Disciples are looking for the right fit with the correct attitude.

We appreciate that there are a variety of players within the game and we try our best to cater to them all when it comes to raiding and therefore we have two teams (Mythic Progression Team *Semi Hardcore* and a Progression Team that aims to achieve AOTC each tier but with a slightly more relaxed atmopshere)


We are now recruiting for players to join our guild with an interest in raiding

Disciples has a dedicated raid team on Monday & Thursday for progression, we also raid Tuesday with guild members unable to commit to a schedule and Alts.
We are currently looking for likeminded players to fill out our core team

What we can provide for you;
-Feasts & Flasks
-A relaxed and enjoyable raiding environment
-Guild repairs
-An active guild that does a lot more than just raid
-A stable guild looking to progress into mythic with future goals of CE in later tiers

Current Progress 5/10M

Current Open Roles;
We are not actively recruiting a new tank.


Holy Paladin
Disc Priest









Any other specs / Classes are welcome to apply!

Raid Days: Monday & Thursday. Alt runs on Tuesday

Raid Time: 8PM – 11PM UK Time.

If you are interested in applying please contact Vanq#2404 on Battletag or Hoterino#6305 on Discord