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Deathroll Casino

Alliance Guild, Ravencrest, EU

September 29, 2022 by SirOden

Last Update: 30 September 2022


Good afternoon everyone, and a warm welcome to Deathroll Casino if you're new/interested in joining.

A quick summary: Deathroll Casino is very chill semi-hardcore raiding guild. Formed in BFA we raided through 8.3, and the entirety of shadowlands in which we achieved AoC in every tier reliably, while making entry moves into Mythic progression! As a team we're looking to make deeper progression into Mythic during Dragonflight all while having a good laugh! And we're looking for more high skilled troops to bring into our team to fill out our roster, and allow us to plunge deeper into mythic next tier.

We're currently recruiting all classes and all specs into our guild at any level, Mythic+ players and casuals are more than welcome to either join the guild to chat, join the several dungeon teams which call our guild home! For the new players to wow, we operate an open to all raid day to help gear/teach newer players, so there’s really no better place to learn!

What we're especially recruiting for however is Mythic raiders, our current focus right now is to strengthen our existing raiding team with new blood, meaning both full and sub slots are open for recruitment!

We raid Wednesday/Friday 8:00-11:00 Server time on Ravencrest EU, with our open to all casual raid being Mon 8:00-11:00

Any questions drop me a message at the following:

SirOden #1858 -

SirOden #7204 - Discord

See you there!