Death is Hereditary

Alliance Guild, Outland, EU


Ahead of the Curve

We finally did it, Death is Hereditary is now Ahead of the Curve!

Death is Hereditary

Alliance Guild, Outland, EU

May 28, 2021 by SleepyDragon

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After days and days of suffering and some painful defeats and seeing Sire getting away with 9% to 0.5% of his life, May 27, 2021 will be marked as an historical day where Death is Hereditary got Ahead of the Curve.

It wasn't easy for sure, but it was well deserved. Our group fought hard and in the end got the prize in an epic battle where our victory roar was heard across the world. 

We are a six month guilds with a ups and downs. Building a Guild isn't easy, but our main goal is done. Now the main focus is keeping our group together while getting ready for 9.1. In the meantime we still want to fill some of our open spots, while doing the normal two days raiding with some mythic content in our mind. 

We know we will hardly get a big Mythic Progress before 9.1, but we will still try to achive something, also getting some more KSM's into our guild and most important having fun! 

As Guild Master, I also want to thank everyone that helped us out through this journey and specially the ones that are still with us and hopefully will be for long!