Debugging the Spider: Overcoming Sennarth, The Cold Breath

Written by Marketing

Dead Guild

Horde Guild, Area 52, US

March 10, 2023


Sennarth, The Cold Breath is a fierce boss in Vault of the Incarnates that has been causing trouble for players for a while now. However, one of the biggest struggles that characters face when battling this boss is the ice in the arena. The spider's attacks cause patches of ice to form on the ground, making movement difficult and potentially deadly. Characters can slip and slide around, making it hard to avoid Sennarth's powerful attacks. Players who are not careful can easily be webbed in place or knocked off the edge of the platform. Therefore, it is crucial to stay alert and avoid unnecesary movement while fighting Sennarth.

However, even the most cautious players can fall victim to a bug that causes them to spin in place, rendering them unable to move or attack. This bug has plagued players for quite some time, and can be a frustrating and even deadly experience.

Luckily there is a small fix! Simply keyboard turn against the direction you are spinning without using any other movement controls and your character should stop getting so dizzy.

And don't forget it is important to report the spinning bug to Blizzard so that they can work on fixing it. You can do this by submitting a bug report through the game's interface.