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About Us:
<Dauntless>, US Horde Tichondrius is a Mythic raiding guild. Founded on Gorgonnash in 2007, <Dauntless> has been raiding Mythic level content since BC. Our goal is to push progression and continually better our raid, while maintaining the core beliefs of our guild: Community, Dedication, Respect. We made a move from US-Proudmoore after EP, and US-Cenarius after Uldir, where you can find our previous raid histories as <Tempest> and <Last Pull>, respectively.

Raid Schedule:
Wednesday & Thursday, 7-10 PST

Current Recruitment Information:
We are primarily looking for the classes listed here for our Mythic roster, but all exceptional applicants are welcome to apply. If you think you might fit well with us, drop us an application at https://forms.gle/8PamEYewj83pJ5qj7 or add our recruiter's battletags Shadowbaine#11318 or slimey42#1203. You can also add our recruitment officer on Discord: Shadowbaine#1071

While we are proud of our achievements in raid instances, we are most proud of the community we have built and nurtured over the years. Our primary goal is to find players who will fit in well with our community (and are 20+) and have an eye on constant improvement. Gear is not an issue, as we will happily invest in gearing the right candidate!

Dauntless recruits; Characters on Americas • Retail region. Preferred
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