Dark Portal Monkeys

Alliance Guild, Silvermoon, EU


What we expect from raiders

Like any progression raiding guild, we have some common sense rules to make sure that we make the most of our limited raiding time each week.

Come prepared for raids

All raiders are required to have a basic understanding of the encounters before setting foot inside the instance. There are plenty of resources out there for you to look at.

Raid calendar

All calendar events should be replied to a minimum of 3 days in advance (reply to Wednesday on the previous Sunday, reply to Sunday by the Thursday). Only accepted/declined options are generally accepted. If you are unsure and have to reply tentative, please inform an officer of the reasons and keep them updated if your status needs to change. If you have to change from accepted to declined or vice versa you must contact an officer with the reason for the change.

Attendance and timekeeping

We raid two nights a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays from 20:00ST until 23:00ST. We expect to make our first pull at 20:00ST, so invites will be sent out 15 minutes before raid time.

We have a 10 minute break during the raid, outside of which we do not expect players to go randomly AFK without good reason.

During raid time we are focussed on progression and expect our members to be attentive as well as patient during boss attempts.

You are required to maintain an attendance record above 80% to secure your spot. Vacations, work trips, etc will be marked as benched to stop these real life events from hurting you - just be sure to contact an officer with the dates you won't be able to raid in advance.

Mythic plus dungeons

All raiders wishing to be considered for raiding will be required to complete at least one M+10 run per week for the weekly chest.

Guild raid BoE drops

All BoE Drops looted in guild events go to the guild bank to offset the cost of providing feasts and cauldrons for our raids.