Horde Guild, Illidan, US


Guild Updates

Great job this weekend!  As you may have noticed, there have been some changes to the rank structure of the guild.

The Guild Banker and Casual Rank have been removed.

The Core Rank has been renamed to Mythic Raider, and the Raider rank has been renamed to Heroic Raider, both of these should be self explainatory. Apolyon will handle those ranks.  Trial, Social, and Alt remane unchange, and all Casuals have been laterally moved to Social.

I will also be removing those members with > 5 months of inactivity.

It's just a little bit of clean up as we continue to get a bit more visibility. 

If are you a streamer, you represent this guild when you are live.  Please try to not do anything that will present our guild in a negative light.  I am having a new logo for the guild professionally done (please donate!), and when it is finished, streamers will be able to fly our banner on their stream.

Get the word out, we can always use new members.  I want to keep pushing in Mythic Raid and Mythic+ Dungeons, so we will always been looking for like-minded players.

Have a great week and Happy Raiding,

Darth Zero (Xion)

Guild Master <Cryptic> US-Illidan

Twitter: Darth Zero (@BHunter_Zero)

Twitch: Darth Zero (darthzero)