Horde Guild, Illidan, US


Weekly Update!

Great job this week everyone! Mythic Champions and Heroic Conclave went down, following a strong week where we downed Heroic Opulance. Everyone should continue to push themselves to improve, and that goes beyond just increasing your item level. Look at the logs and find out where you might be struggling, then use the analyzer and other players, sources, etc to see what you can do keep improving. We're going to need everyone to give their best in order to push through the remaining bosses. If you need help, you can always ask, and I will do what I can to assist you.

The Officers and myself will continue to hunt for more players, and create a deep bench we can draw from as we work towards the goal of Mythic Jaina. In the meantime, study and learn Heroic Mekkatorque and Mythic Grong.  Mythic Grong is a large dps check, and everyone needs large numbers while still performing mechanics.

I'm also looking into ways to grow my stream, while remaining primarily a World of Warcraft Streamer.  Open to suggestions, as I would like to put more into the guild by increasing my revenue a little bit.

And, fingers-crossed, I should be getting started with my US Army eSports MDI team this weekend. Unfortunately for me, practice for the International comes as I will be attending a school, but it should work fine.  I was told once that nothing every really happens at a convienient time, we just have to adapt and drive on.

Happy Raiding and see you back in the Battle this Weekend,

Darth Zero (Xion/Renxoc/Malon)