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My Life as Guild Master Ep.1

Earlier today, I did a short premiere episode of a new series I'm going to run entitled My Life as Guild Master. I'm mostly going to be discussing and recapping information for the guild and community, and introducing new ideas. This is the information I covered today.

Welcome our new additions to the Guild:
Palygamy - Holy Paladin
Moolycyrus - Mistweaver Monk
Furyouss - Fury Warrior

1 Year Anniversary  
No 1 Year Anny's today, but I will be introducing a Hero Discord/Twitch Role when you reach it.

2 Year Anniversary 
Foxtrot - Foxtrot is a founding member of Cryptic and he joined on December 20th, 2016. He has proven to be a flexible raider that is always ready to take on whatever role the guild asks of him. With the amount of turnover the guild has, I appreciate his dedication and support to Cryptic and starting with Foxtrot, 2 year anniversaries with be rewarded with a WoW Game Token and the Veteran Discord/Twitch Role.

Guild Recruitment Information - Kinchy

Reddit/WoW Forums - Phoenix

Guilds of WoW - Arendell

Holiday Raiding

All Holiday Raiding for guild members is optional, however we will continue to raid, if possible. Attendence will be tracked again the first weekend in January.

Guild Logo Incentive

I have contacted my sources, Visuals By Design, who designed the UI that I use, and I have submitted information regarding the creation of a logo for the Guild, Community, and attached streamers to add to their UI. Using other logos that have been designed by this group, the cost of this will be approximately $250 US, and that is my current donation incentive on twitch.

Cryptic Twitch Raiding Team

The guild/community has a proper twitch page - Community streamers, contact me I can get you added to the auto-host listing for this channel. My intent is to create a channel with 24 hour content and I would like to get as many streamers involved as possible.

Sub Saturday Keystones and Giveaways

I am going to be introducting Sub-Saturdays on Twitch in the near future. On these days, Subscribers can join a queue to have a group that I am assembling run their keystone live. Subscribers will also be able to enter a drawing for a WoW Token during the stream. If you are interested in helping these keys, please let me know.

Follower Days

I am going to something similar to sub Saturday for followers, and it will be on Sunday. Followers can enter a queue to have a team that I will aseemble run their keystone for donations. The value of the donation will change based on the level of the keystone. Same as above.

Community Days

I will also be adding Raiding Community days for those members who are in the community and subscribed for various giveaways for things like WoW Tokens, merch, gear, keystone runs, etc. This is something that I intend to implement in 2019, and I intend for it to be bigger and better than Sub Saturday, happening one to two times per week.

Thats all for today, Happy Raiding,

Darth Zero (Naene/Malon)

Twitch: darthzero

Twitter: @BHunter_Zero