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Welcome to the Cryptic Raiding Community!

Cryptic 1/9M 9/9H Battle of Dazar'alor (AOTC)

Recruitment: OPEN

We have two primary raid nights - Saturday and Sunday, with optional clears on Friday. We are always glad to bring friends and those looking for a run, so if you're interested, please contact an officer prior to raid.

Cryptic was founded in December 2016. In Legion, we managed to get a raid team together during Nighthold (5/10 M), took a step back in Tomb of Sargeras (9/9 H) and finished strong in Antorus (5/11 M). We opened the Battle for Azeroth by going 3/11 M in Uldir and will continue strong into Battle for Dazar'alor. During Uldir, we founded the Cryptic Raiding Community, a group of cross-realm individuals who enjoy raiding content together.

Expectations of our Community

Our community consists of a lot of different personalities, but we all have one common goal which is to progress as much as we possibly can during our raid times. We are committed to provide a drama free, mature environment with like minded teammates you can depend on to show up, do their job, and kill stuff.

Expectations of You

Show up on time and prepared with a positive and team-oriented attitude, know the advantages and disadvantage points of the fight and your class, and use of Discord with a working headset.

Our Creed

Have fun - We want to enjoy what we're doing and who we're doing it with, we all play this game because we enjoy it and nobody wants to give up their free time to do something they don't enjoy with people they don't like. Above all else we want everyone to be enjoying themselves.

Steady Progression - Something we want is a steady flow of progression, as laid back as we are this is still important to everyone here, if something is preventing us from progression steadily we will have to fix it, whether this is a person or a strategy, we need people to be willing to sit out if required.

Everyone Deserves a Chance - We want to give everyone a chance to raid, everyone is here because they show an interest in raiding so we want to give as many people the chance as possible. But before this comes steady progression, because of this if we feel people are under performing or not able to do mechanics as required we will need to replace them with someone that can. This however does not mean you can no longer continue raiding with us, as we can more easily take less experienced players in on secondary kills. This is primarily for progression, we will need the highest performing players and unfortunately there are only 20 slots available. It's a competition and if you want to be at the front you will need to prove yourself.

If you do not see your class or spec listed, please contact us and we will take it into consideration.

Application and Information

BFA Raid Times:

- Friday 9:00PM-12:00AM EST

- Saturday 9:00PM-12:00AM EST

- Sunday 9:00PM-12:00AM EST

Invites for raid start 15 Minutes Prior please online and ready by then.

Officers to Contact:

Apolyon (Kinchy12#1795) - Raid Leader

Phoenix (CinderPDK#1726)

Arendell (Happytrees#1219)


Xîon (CharismaticZ#1932) - Guild Master

Crucible of Storms
2 / 2
2 / 2
0 / 2
Battle of Dazar'alor
7 / 9
9 / 9
1 / 9
8 / 8
8 / 8
2 / 8

Cryptic Raiding 1/9M 5/9 H Battle of Dazar'alor

Apply here to become part of the Cryptic team!

Raid Times: Fri-Sun 9pm-12am server time

What We Expect From You:
* Commitment to your fellow raiders. A team is only as strong as its weakest member. Raiding is a commitment and we treat it as such.
* 90% attendance (We know real life can happen. Communicate any issues.)
* Strong knowledge of boss fights (Come prepared to progress)
* Able to adapt quickly and effectively during progression encounters. You should be prepared to do mechanics properly, and reacting accordingly.
* Best Consumables for every attempt on every raid night
* Ability to accept criticism.
* Ability to admit your mistakes and own to them.
* Open minded and friendly.
* A working microphone.

Death Knight
Demon Hunter


  1. Battle of Dazar'alor
  17.06.2019 (Mon)   Naene
  2. Battle of Dazar'alor
  16.06.2019 (Sun)   Naene
  3. Battle of Dazar'alor
  15.06.2019 (Sat)   Naene
  4. Battle of Dazar'alor
  10.06.2019 (Mon)   Naene
  5. Battle of Dazar'alor
  9.06.2019 (Sun)   Naene
  6. Battle of Dazar'alor
  8.06.2019 (Sat)   Naene
  7. Crucible of Storms
  3.06.2019 (Mon)   Naene
  8. Battle of Dazar'alor
  2.06.2019 (Sun)   Naene
  9. Battle of Dazar'alor
  1.06.2019 (Sat)   Naene
  10. Crucible of Storms
  27.05.2019 (Mon)   Naene
  11. Battle of Dazar'alor
  26.05.2019 (Sun)   PhoenixLive609
  12. Battle of Dazar'alor
  26.05.2019 (Sun)   Naene
  13. Battle of Dazar'alor
  25.05.2019 (Sat)   Naene
  14. Battle of Dazar'alor
  25.05.2019 (Sat)   Naene
  15. Battle of Dazar'alor
  20.05.2019 (Mon)   Naene
  16. Battle of Dazar'alor
  19.05.2019 (Sun)   Naene
  17. Battle of Dazar'alor
  18.05.2019 (Sat)   Naene
  18. Battle of Dazar'alor
  18.05.2019 (Sat)   Naene
  19. Battle of Dazar'alor
  18.05.2019 (Sat)   Naene
  20. Crucible of Storms
  13.05.2019 (Mon)   Naene
  21. Battle of Dazar'alor
  6.05.2019 (Mon)   Naene
  22. Battle of Dazar'alor
  5.05.2019 (Sun)   PhoenixLive609
  23. Battle of Dazar'alor
  5.05.2019 (Sun)   Naene
  24. Battle of Dazar'alor
  4.05.2019 (Sat)   Naene


Cryptic Raiding Community Weekly Events

  Cryptic Raiding Community Heroic Uldir + Mythic Bosses
  Every week, the Cryptic Raiding Community ventures deep into Uldir on Heroic difficulty, seeking to slay the Old God, G'huun. After that task is finished, the difficulty is increased to Mythic, where the CRC has defeated Taloc and M.O.T.H.E.R.
  Saturday   ➜ 3 hours
  Cryptic Raiding Community Mythic Uldir
  Cryptic-US Illidan and the Cryptic Raiding Community continues progress through the depths of Uldir. Currently, the CRC is working to defeat Zek'voz so the story can continue.
Level: 120+ Item Level: 370+
  Sunday   ➜ 3 hours
  Cryptic Raiding Community Heroic Uldir
  Cryptic hosts a Cryptic Raiding Community clear of Heroic Uldir on Friday nights at 9pm CDT (server time). Ask an officer in game for the CRC invite link and more info.
Level: 120+ Item Level: 350+
  Friday   ➜ 3 hours
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/console screenshotQuality 10

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