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Cry Havoc was founded with the intention of creating an inclusive community of like-minded, friendly, helpful World of Warcraft players. We have, and will always strive to maintain, a very diverse group of gamers. As such, we will do our very best to create and foster a WoW Guild environment that is accepting of all types of people, and playstyles. Cry Havoc supports the super-casual, up through and including Heroic Raiders.
We have a philosophy of self-governance, when it comes to group activities. Invite other guildies to something you want to do, or talk with others about scheduling an activity. With exception of guild raids, the occasional old content runs, the guild will not be responsible for creating your play-time experience - that is up to you - and, we are happy to bring like-minded, helpful, people together, in hopes that you always have an adventure buddy or two.
We seek to usher a sense of community within our guild, and desire lots of fun conversation, and connection. For many of us, online gaming guild life, has provided a sense of extended family. When others don’t understand, gamers do.

We acknowledge that every guild is not the right place for every person; and while we aim for harmony for all - it is not the guild leadership’s responsibility to compel others to get along with everyone. Inevitably there will be friction for some in any group of people. We hope to grant membership to those that reflect an open-minded attitude, and willingness to work through the tough times.

1. Members are expected to act maturely and with civility in matters where there are disputes. If the people involved feel that they absolutely can not work out an issue themselves or there is a complaint of abuse, it is the parties' responsibility to bring it to the leads attention to be resolved. If you don’t get along with someone, don’t play content with them. Whenever there is a collection of people; friction of personalities will happen. Anything short of abuse is up to you to resolve. It is not up to Guild Management to determine who was more offended and boot the other party.

2. There is to be no trash talk of the guild, individuals or other guilds in trade chat, guild chat or any other shared space such as Discord/Facebook. If you choose to leave, please do so gracefully.

3. If you have access to the guild bank, it is expected of you to help replenish our wares as you are able. We do not expect you donate everything, but generosity is greatly appreciated. If any person is to be found taking items from the guild bank to auction, without prior communication with the GM, said action is grounds for immediate removal from the guild. When in doubt, ask the GM or Guild Officer. No one is guaranteed access to the guild bank. If you are, this privilege can also be taken away.

4. Any type of hate speech will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to: sexism, racism, ableism, discrimination, any anti-LGBTQIA+ words and actions. You may or may not receive one warning, depending on the severity and intention. If a warning is granted, a second offense results in immediate and permanent expulsion from the guild.

5. No verbal or game-related harassment.

6. No threats of violence - of any kind.

7. Guild Rules will not necessarily be changed to reflect any one person’s needs. Consideration will be given to any request. You are responsible to ask for what you want, knowing that you may not get it.

Cenarius - Cairne - Frostmane - Korgath - Ner’zhul - Perenolde - Tortheldrin.


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Sepulcher of the First Ones
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Sanctum of Domination
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Castle Nathria
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Currently looking to recruit quality players to join our ranks for raids, dungeons and more. Please tell us a little about yourself.


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