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News regarding new members, recruitment incentives, raid philosophy, plans, and reminders.

Council of Valhalla

Horde Guild, Mal'Ganis, US

August 2, 2022 by KylaJargon


Hey friends!

A new season is upon us… finally! I just wanted to take a second to get some information out, and I’ll try to be quick about it!

Welcome New Members

I want to welcome two new members to the team! @Knotics and @Karj will be joining us on the DPS front as a Retribution Paladin and Havoc Demon Hunter respectively. They are pretty solid folks, and I encourage you to get to know them and give them a hearty welcome to our WoW Fam.

Recruitment Incentive

We are continuing to recruit, although at a relaxed pace. If you know or meet anyone in your pugs, or you have an IRL friend coming back to the game, we’d love to have them join our ranks! We will be offering gold to our guildies who recruit people, as we find great value in bringing in great people. I, personally, have been doing a lot of recruitment. When I’m posting for recruitment, I list a few qualities we value:

“long-term home for players, laid back & mature attitude, beginner friendly, willing to improve & learn, good attendance, affinity for running M+”

Season 4 Philosophy

Just to reiterate, we want to have a fun and relaxed approach to Season 4. We are taking S4 as time to enjoy the game, reminisce on old memories of all the old content that is coming back, and really get settled in for anticipation of Dragonflight. We still expect to progress through the content at a respectable rate with all our raiders, but if you think you’ll need to miss a few days, just let us know. If you were thinking about switching mains and gearing a new toon – now is the time to do it!

Raid Plan

While we usually jump straight to heroic, on night one, we will be going into Nathria on Normal just to get our footing, test the scaling, and see what this affix is all about. We do plan to get to Heroic as soon as possible (Thursday, most likely), but since this is so new for WoW, we thought it would be better to promote the difficulty rather than have to step back.


Just two quick reminder before I close this newsletter. First, we will have a drawing each week for M+ runs (if you run a key over 12). Your name will be entered into a spicy little 10k gold drawing. We just want to promote some gearing and dungeon running, while giving back to the guid. We plan on having some sort of Bad Luck Protection– the logistics are still getting ironed out.

Finally, please remember our key rule: don’t be an ass. Our guild was built overnight, literally, on this concept and many people followed us because of it. We accept all guildies who love the game as much as we do– this is a place where we choose to spend our freetime, and we don’t act or use language that will make anyone feel unsafe or unwanted.