Horde Guild, Area 52, US


Mythic Hungering Progression

Recap on where we were and where we ended at :)


Horde Guild, Area 52, US

April 2, 2021 by Default

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Mar 31st, Apr 1st - We end the week with 14 pulls on Hungering Destroyer. (19 total)

Mythic Shriekwing & Huntsman -

Shriek had us dancing around pillars like hookers wanting another hit. It was a little rough getting started but after 5 pulls we got our act together and whacked the blind bat. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I wasn't recording during these attempts.

Huntsman was a bit tougher this week. We were missing out on a Hunter and a couple other immunities that made the previous week's kill quick. After seeing 5 wipes trying to get the grouping correct, we got our act together for a kill on pull #8.

This gave us only time for 4 pulls on Hungering with little progress being made. That's okay though because each person has to learn the dance. Mechanics don't always make sense at the start for people on new progression bosses. The goal isn't to repeat the saying over and over again, but to attempt over and over again.


Hungering Destroyer -

Thursday's raid started off slow. We had lost a couple people and a couple other were out for the evening. We flipped things over to heroic and got an easy slam dunk on the sludge skip to Sire Denathrius. I was very very pleased to see how simple phase 1 could still be with 20 people. We don't take the time to micro-manage the grouping/stack orders.

After clearing heroic farm we flipped back to Mythic for the last hour, filling in the last two spots with some friends on BNET. We pushed harder than before, trying to get mass rezzes out for constant quick attempts. Once people saw the dance, it really started to click on our best attempt yet!