Collectors Edition

Alliance Guild • Daggerspine • US • Retail TIER 2 GUILD


It's been a while.

What has been going on with our guild and what is being planned.

Collectors Edition

Alliance Guild, Daggerspine, US

February 6, 2024 by Stonedfury


Hey there friends!

A lot has changed since we started the Collector's Edition. Our WoW family has grown in leaps and bounds. We went from having extreme difficulting in mythics or mythic + and raiding was a pipe dream. That is no longer the situation. We are now more than capable of conquering whatever gets in our way. If we can't today, we will tomorrow.

While we still maintain the casual theme and even push for it. We want to strive for more with our growing WoW family to get even farther. We have successfully ran Aberrus on normal and wish to move to heroic and eventually mythic. Yes, it is last season, but why not? We have also conquered normal Amirdrassil and currently working on pushing our way through heroic Amirdrassil now. Someday we might even return to the Vault for that accomplishment. Who knows.

We could use more: Tanks, Healers, Rogues, and Mages that are interested in running the raids. (Casual is always welcome!)

I do know this! We want to thank all of you that are making this happen. Those who have made the game that much more and joined our team. You are great and we are grateful.

Keep pushing forward and keep collecting those achievements.