Horde Guild, Tarren Mill, EU


March Update

Updates and achievements of March


Horde Guild, Tarren Mill, EU

April 1, 2021 by Sean

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Hi All!

There has been a few changes and achievements over the past few weeks regarding raiding.

We started our mythic progression finally, it felt a bit rocky but managed to get Shriekwing down on our first mythic raid after 2 and a half hours. The following raid we managed to down Huntsman on what felt like our last pull of the night. Safe to say everyone was either happy or relieved. 

The following week we managed to get both of them down in under an hour and half which shows growth. We then got stuck on Hungering Destroyer. It was really annoying trying to find pugs that would stay for guild progression for more than a few pulls so we called it quits for that raid and farmed some BoE's.

So we started recruiting we have a fair few trails coming to our first full raid tonight, that hopefully solves the pug problem. 

Hopefully The Hungering Destroyer falls tonight!

I know we get enough of it IRL but we also introduced a guild tax as we were running low on funds for repairs and supply's during the raid. Whenever a BoE drops and is sold, the guild gets 10% of what it was sold for after the ah fee.

We moved our raid day from Saturday to Sunday after a unanimous vote.

And congratulations to the lot of you that achieved Key Stone Master in March!


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