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Chronologically Gifted is a non-raiding social guild for ages 40 and above. Our guild is located on a combined server which includes the realms of Farstriders, Silver Hand and Thorium Brotherhood. You must have or create a character on one of these realms before applying to join us. We strongly discourage character transfers until after the initiation period. It is important to note that these realms are labeled RP (roleplay). We are not a roleplay guild and very little occurs on the server.

It is important you read the following information before completing and submitting an application to join our guild. Please take a few moments and read Our Guild Rules, Frequently Asked Questions and Newcomer Information pages.

We use an application process to give our potential newcomers an opportunity to tell us about themselves. As you complete the application below, please take some time to share your interests and what you are looking for in joining our guild. All areas of the application must be completed along with a check in the box and task to show that you are not a robot.