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🎄❄️ Guild Update: Triumphs, Cheers, and a Glimpse Ahead! ❄️🎄

It's the most wonderful time of the yearrrr! Check out what we've been up to since the start of 10.2


Horde Guild, Thrall, US

December 19, 2023 by Oryia


Greetings, Catastrophe!


As we revel in our recent victories, 'tis the season for victories and camaraderie! Here's a quick rundown of our recent successes:


🌟 AOTC Unlocked on December 17th! 🌟
Last Sunday, we conquered Heroic Fyrakk on the 4th pull, securing our Ahead of the Curve achievement. Kudos to all who contributed to this epic win!


🌲 Mythic Plus Achievers! 🌲
Big shoutouts to Kazue, Lïghtbound, Disco, Dotchya, Hakigo, Metroboomie, Asharaa, Addikos, Mithrander, Mcmoonshine, Boosh, Ottus, Stellaris, Dessy, Hazymay, Amburrito, Samomeatball, Örÿ, Dukagishil, Bratsidas, Srdepressive, for hitting above 2500 mythic plus rating.


🌌 Stars Among Us! 🌌
Special congrats to Ephixe, Washeddps, and Reenor for soaring above 3k in mythic plus rating—setting the bar high for the rest of us!


🌟 Looking Ahead: Heroic and Dipping into Mythic! 🌟
Our sights are set on continuing our heroic exploits and venturing into the uncharted realms of Mythic. Our Mythic goals are open-ended—we aim to challenge our playing abilities and, most importantly, have fun. With a larger-than-standard group, we'll be experimenting with alternating members for different bosses. Flexibility and enjoyment are at the core of this approach. If it works well, we'll ride the wave; if not, we'll happily return to heroic farming and alt runs.


🖌️ Catastrophic Art Contest! 🖌️
Calling all artists within our ranks! A Catastrophic Art Contest for the guild logo is on the horizon. Keep a watchful eye on the General Catastrophe channel for more details after the new year. Let your creativity run wild, and let's see what amazing designs our talented members can conjure up!


💰 Guild Bank Thanks and Acknowledgments! 💰
A special shoutout to all those who have been generously donating to the guild bank. Your contributions make a significant impact on our collective progress. A heartfelt thanks to Stella for capturing fantastic raid images that bring our guild page to life.


🤝 Thanks for the Commitment! 🤝
A sincere thank you to everyone for your dedication to Catastrophe. Your efforts make our guild a fantastic community. As we wrap up the year, let's march boldly into the challenges and adventures that await us in the coming months. Here's to more victories, camaraderie, and a Catastrophic 2024!


Happy holidays!!!