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The ebb and flow to changes

A quick recap of how Catastrophe has been doing over the past month


Horde Guild, Thrall, US

July 15, 2023 by Oryia


Greetings, denizens of Catastrophe,


As the moons waxed and waned, our guild experienced a series of notable events. Some were glorious, such as the unveiling of the fabled mega dungeon, Dawn of the Infinite, and the introduction of a new evoker specialization, augmentation. Yet, amidst these triumphs, shadows cast their somber veil upon our realm, for we bade farewell to several esteemed guildmates and friends. They chose to venture offline, their paths diverging toward life's endeavors or other realms of gaming.


To those who felt our guild no longer aligned with their aspirations for mythic progression, we empathize with the desire to push forward to what might be considered greener pastures; Too often those greener pastures are only greener because the ground has not been saturated with the blood of the foes whom have been vanquished. May your paths lead you to all you deserve. Those of us who stay will continue to fight the roster boss, that happens during midpoint of most expansions.


For those who remain steadfast in their dedication, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. It is your enduring commitment and unwavering support that sustains the essence of our guild. We owe our very identity to the members who continue to grace our realm, sharing their skills and unique personas.


Catastrophe has endured its share of ebbs and flows throughout the ages, and we remain confident that this ebb in online presence shall pass, as it has for many before. We will persist in our recruitment efforts, steadfastly building a vibrant community where all may revel in the camaraderie of mythic plus challenges and raiding!


Our goals remain resolute—to cultivate a serene and drama-free environment where mirth intertwines with the pursuit of mythic+ dungeons and raiding, aiming for the achievement of Ahead of the Curve, and venturing into mythic raiding when our roster permits. Once again, we express our profound appreciation for your continued support. May fortune smile upon you, be it within or beyond our guild's embrace.


With unwavering determination, we march forward, bound by our shared dedication, in pursuit of the mythical essence that defines Catastrophe!