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season 2 week 6 recap

our weekly recap for the guild's progress


Horde Guild, Thrall, US

June 21, 2023 by Oryia


Catastrophe's weekly recap- it's like a wizard because it is never late, nor early, it arrives precisely when it means to!

Greetings, guild members! Welcome to another weekly recap for the illustrious guild Catastrophe. We extend a warm welcome to all the new guildies who have recently joined us. We are thrilled to have you on board and look forward to embarking on epic adventures together!

In the realm of mythic+, the past week was relatively quiet, as it was an easy push week. Nevertheless, we would like to extend heartfelt congratulations to Stellarís for attaining the Keystone Hero achievement. Well done, Stellarís! Your dedication and skill are truly commendable.

Moving on, we have some monumental achievements to celebrate. A big congratulations goes out to our Echo team for successfully obtaining the Ahead of the Curve (AOTC) achievement this last week. Your commitment to excellence and teamwork is truly inspiring and we all can't wait to see more!

Additionally, our formidable Team Mean Girls conquered the heroic challenges and cleared all nine bosses last week, maintaining their impressive 9/9 record. However, due to low attendance, they had to switch gears and organize an alt raid on Sunday. We appreciate your adaptability and perseverance, Team Mean Girls!

As we look ahead, both teams are eagerly preparing for the next big challenge - Mythic Aberrus! Despite the trials and tribulations of the recruitment process, we remain determined to find the perfect additions to our guild. It has been a lengthy search, but we are confident that we will soon find players who will seamlessly integrate with our groups and share in our collective vision. We encourage everyone to spread the word and help us fill these remaining spots.

Finally, we would like to wish each and every member a fantastic week ahead. May your adventures be filled with excitement, triumph, and camaraderie. Stay strong, stay united, and let Catastrophe conquer all!