Broken Frontier

Horde Guild, Mal'Ganis, US


Welcome to Broken Frontier!

Started in vanilla WoW and still pumping to this day! Group of friends old and new tackling endgame challenges and generally having fun! Welcome home. For the Alliance leaning players we have a sister guild in Barkin Frontier-Mal'Ganis!

Broken Frontier

Horde Guild, Mal'Ganis, US

March 7, 2023 by Basu


Hi, a small bit about the guild: I’ve had it since vanilla and have been running raids since Karazhan. Started on Nazjatar, moved to Stormreaver when MoP hit, then finally to Mal’Ganis at the end of BFA. Friendly overall environment, definitely an adult guild however.
With that out of the way, BF is looking for:

-Blood DK, Prot Paladin, Prot Warrior, Vengeance DH, Guardian Druid (1 slot)

-Unholy or Frost Death Knight

-Balance Druid

-Devastation/Preservation Evoker

We went 6/10M in CN, 8/10M in SoD and 3/11M in Sepulcher. We raid on Thurs/Mon @ 8-11PM CST as well as optional raid days around the early weeks of tiers. Also Mythic+ happening constantly throughout the week. DM me here, on bnet: Basu#11316, on Discord: Kain#4982, or in game: Kaiñ(alt164)-Mal’Ganis! Paid transfers considered! Thanks for you consideration!

I also have an Alliance guild, Barkin Frontier-Mal’Ganis for those of you that enjoy playing the blue side!