Booty Bay Beach Club

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[H][US] <Booty Bay Beach Club> Tichondrius, 4/10 H Sod

Guild Recruitment

Booty Bay Beach Club

Horde Guild, Tichondrius, US

August 6, 2021 by Mokii



We are a casual but raid/M+ focused guild on Tichondrius looking to rebuild after the drought of 9.0 and the blizzard Lawsuits!

We got AOTC in CN but I want us to achieve AOTC First then Cutting Edge this season and it starts with us!

We are recruiting everyone and all classes!


Everything Everything Everything!

We need you to complete our roster,


Raid times are 530-830 Server Time (EST!) Wednesday/Thursday!

Our goals are

AOTC First, CE Next, And push keys during the week and getting everyone KSM as a team!


Our only requirements are having a good time, and SHOW UP! We don’t care if you miss a day or two, but let us know if youre going to quit or take a long break! That’s one of the issues on why we are rebuilding! Players quitting and not letting us know! don’t be toxic and gear yourself and we can work with the rest!


Add Mokii#11971 on BTAG

or add me on discord hyphhy#2239
or Piio#4904