Blood Rain

Horde Guild, Ragnaros, EU

604 24/25 6 Reports Audit


Throm-Ka, Warrior

Blood Rain was created on May 5th 2007 on Neptulon and is currently one of the oldest raiding guild in europe.
Blood rain was fighting in the top 10 for a long time, after the server died, we moved to Ragnaros, early 2011.

Since then, we have accumulated a core group of mature members along with a tight-knit community and competitive nature.
We have a strong PVE focus and our ambition is to fight for the top rankings on the server and clear all the content while it's current, while still maintaining a friendly and fun environment.

We are an international guild with players from all across the globe, but the language we use in guild chat and on Discord is English.

We have a small but active roster, so if we recruit you, than you will have a spot in progression!

As a minimum, we require you to have at least 225+ ilvl, and at the very least be familiar with the fights and its mechanics.
*** Exceptions can be made if you convince us that you are worth going for ***

* Although our recruitment may be closed at times, we will always consider exceptional players who excel at their class and thrive on raid progression!


Raiding Times:
Raid Inv are always at: 20:20!
Wednesday 20:30 - 23:00 - mandatory
Thursday 20:30 - 23:00 - mandatory

During times of progression or close to a boss kill we might extand the raid, but no longer than 30 min.
Anyone wishing to join us must adhere to this.


What kind of player we are look for?:

# Skilled: Top notch performance and and in-depth knowledge of your class on all specs while also be able to follow and carry out instructions.

# Active: We have a small roster, so near 100% attendance is required. If you cant make it to the raid we will need to know in advanced.

# Independent: The ability to learn from your mistakes and adapt to changes instantly.

# Prepared: You study each encounter beforehand and always show up to raids with consumables and on time.

# Vocal: Be able to understand and speak in English over Discord while also contribute to the discussions.

# Reliable: Have stable internet connection, working microphone and a computer that can handle 20 man raiding.

# Self-driven: You strive to improve yourself without needing external criticism.

# Team player: You understand that the guild comes first.

# Non-elitist: We expect you to maintain a mature and respectful attitude at all times.

We expect from all our raiders to understand that learning new bosses entails wipes and we are looking for people to drive progress, not to farm that which is already easy.


What you can expect from us:
# A guild with a highly competitive nature
# Friendly Atmosphere
# A stable and successful raiding environment to the most competitive players
# An extremely strong and stable community amongst experienced players


Trial in the guild:
Trial is usually between 2-3 resets. during that time, your actions, contributions to the guild and to the raids will determine your promotion.

Contact info:
Please feel free to contact one of the officers in game for more info and to apply.

Bengé (Benge#2295) - Guild Master & Raid Leader
Vizna - Officer
Jimbas ( Jii#21638 ) - Recruitment Officer


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Sanctum of Domination
10 / 10
9 / 10
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Castle Nathria
10 / 10
10 / 10
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