Blood Of Dragons

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Join the Blood of Dragons: Where the Roar Meets the Lore!

Joining, How to Join, Not a Welding Tutorial.

Blood Of Dragons

Horde Guild, Smolderthorn, US

February 4, 2024


Hear ye, hear ye, adventurers, misfits, and keyboard warriors! Are you tired of mundane guilds that don't know their Fireballs from their Snowballs? Look no further! The Blood of Dragons is recruiting, and we want YOU! Yes, you – sitting there in your gaming chair, clothing optional as long as you are not live streaming on Discord, dreaming of glory, gold, and maybe a pet bearded dragon or two.

Why Join the Blood of Dragons? Here's the Hot Scoop...

Epic Quests & Misadventures: Join us as we stumble through dungeons, accidentally pull entire rooms of mobs, and then heroically blame the old zombie mage those Lordaeronians stitched together back in classic. It's not just a fight; it's a story to tell your grandspawn!

Dragon-Themed Everything: From our guild tabard to our guild chat emojis, it's all dragons, all the time. Because why be a mere mortal when you can be a dragon-adjacent entity?

Dad Jokes & Puns Welcome: Got a pun so bad it makes the Lich King shiver? We want it. We thrive on the eye-rolls and the sighs. Our guild chat is a no-judgment zone for your cheesy one-liners. X-phobes, racists, and other toxic types, consider yourselves warned: our kick button is quicker than a mage's blink, and HR is headed by a mage.

Zero Tolerance for Drama Llamas: We keep our battles in-game. No keyboard warriors, please, unless you're fighting a literal digital dragon. We will roast each other and some of us have pretty rough edges. Just remember that Dragons eat Llamas, so if you cannot extract your head from your cloaca when warned... we will happily push it in deeper and toss you off a cliff. (HR Comment: Threatening new recruits with violence is no longer permitted since the Garrosh Hellscream Horde Management Tablets were replaced. Probably should reword.)

What We're Looking For:

Players with a sense of humor: If you can't laugh at a dragon accidentally sitting on you, we're not the guild for you. Commitment to casual excellence: We might not be first, but we're the most fun.

A love for all things scaly and fire-breathing: Bonus points if you can recite dragon lore or name all of Khaleesi's dragons. We'll accept answers like Kevin, Tiffany, and Cleetus so it's not like this is a prerequisite.

So, if you're ready to spread your wings, breathe some fire, and find a family among the flames, whisper us for an invite. Join the Blood of Dragons, where the only thing hotter than our breath is our mixtape! (HR Comment: We have a mixtape? This wasn't cleared by HR, where is it? It better not have that song with all that pro-Alliance junk!)

Remember, in the Blood of Dragons, you're not just part of the clutch; you're part of the legend. Join Now!