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Mythic Raider says THANK YOU!

An old guild member that started out his World of Warcraft journey with Betrayal that gave him his true break to make it big within the WoW community.


Alliance Guild, Hellfire, EU

July 8, 2022 by BetrayalEU


Hi there everyone, it has...been a while. The people that were here during Castle Nathria and Ny'alotha probably remember me and my constant talking and dreams of the Hateful Chain trinket. For all the new people, I'm Turtleman, a former raider of Betrayal and now a trial on one of the best Alliance guilds in Europe, Northstar on Ravencrest. Now, as to why I am writing this. I left the guild on my main during the last few weeks of Castle Nathria, and, well...I never said proper goodbyes to everyone. Well, it's about time to fix that. Thank you to everyone here at Betrayal for assisting me in starting my journey to where I am now, raiding at 180 world rank. Without this guild, I'd still be that casual that only does LFR and world quests and doesn't know what a Curve achievement is.

For old time's sake, I want to thank a few people individually, without you guys I would not be what I am and where I am now.

AJ (Vanhêlsing), thank you for your Beast Master advice, oh god, I'd still be running Stampede if it wasn't for you.

Sworn, I may have got offended by it at the time, but you and your Hateful Chain shit is actually funny to think about now, and all the council trinkets you looted

Dan (Kuchisabishi) (the OG one) same as for Sworn, I took things to heart way too much back then, but, now that I have learned some lessons, I think you were a good guy, appreciate you being able to cope with me talking 24/7

Rachel, same as for both Sworn and Dan (Kuchisabishi), I took all your BM jokes, etc to heart back then, but I have changed now. Thanks for being there and cheering me on

It's impossible to not forget about Meateor (Adam) the GM himself. If you had not taken me to the guild back then, none of this would have happened. So, my thanks for that, and you'll see me in Echo in 3 years, with a little more hard work anyway.

Jarrod (Mellisandre), you were a very great guy, and you blasted all the meters (death meters too Kappa) and you're a great officer, keep up the good work king

Shaz (Senility), your shaman gameplay may have been questionable to me at times, but, who gives a shit, was great playing with you, and you gave me good motivation to improve my BM game back in Ny'alotha (AJ-Vanhêlsing was pretty easy to beat )

Duwn, you may not have been a part of the raid team back then, but, seeing your Mythic kills made me feel like " I want to become like him one day" and it happened. Thank you for giving me the wish to push towards the cutting edge, it was a long journey, but one I enjoyed, at times.

Morfh, thank you for your assistance with my mental health, it helped me a lot, without your assistance, I would not have made it through this journey without going insane.

Also, you can't talk about Castle Nathria without talking about Razor (Danny) and his gigachad lock damage. I appreciate the challenge that your presence offered me, it made me WANT to improve, which has, well, led me to where I am. You're also a nice guy, which I really appreciate

I doubt this person will ever read these words, but Dwinsvatt, thank you for being the great paladin that I remember you being, the only pala that didn't die to the trash pack before Xy'mox every time!

Hav, I want to thank you for your amazing tanking service during Ny'alotha, and overall being a nice guy to be around, that even my once salty, back then 13-year-old self couldn't get offended by too much

Now, for the last few people that I really want to mention here. Liam (Tehquo) and Lauren (Velawyn), thank you so much for your support, you two were always very supportive, and really helped me in this journey to Northstar and the Hall of Fame, thanks to you two, I never lost hope, and, well, thanks to it I got both my Sanctum CE and now my trial spot in Northstar.

Finally to everyone that I did not mention here from Betrayal. My apologies and you are all still, an important part of my journey to what I am now, and I thank you for it.