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Some Guild Rules

Some guild rules in being a member and raiding with the guild.


Alliance Guild, Hellfire, EU

October 4, 2020 by BetrayalEU



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General Rules

• Bullying, Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, or any other discrimination will not be tolerated. Report anything like this to the GM or Officers.
• Respect your fellow players, if you have issues with members of the guild make the GM or Officers aware.
• NSFW Content should be posted in the #nsfw Channel. Any NSFW Content posted outside of the specified channel will be removed and a verbal warning will be issued.
• Do not engage in any activity that will bring the guild's name into disrepute.
• If you wish to attend guild events, sign up on the calendar so an idea of numbers can be put together, the sooner they sign up the better.
• Enjoy yourselves, have fun. We play the game for many reasons, but importantly, don't spoil the fun for other members.
• Any issues or questions you have can be raised with the GM or Officers in-game or via Discord.
• If you require a role in Discord ask the GM or Officers.


• Every Raider is expected to do their best. We are not a hardcore guild, but we intend to make the most of our raiding and so have high expectations of our raiders. Everyone should strive to give their best when raiding, ensure they meet the demands of the Raider rank, and spend time researching how to improve outside of raids. All we ask is you try.
• The Raid Leader is the boss. Follow their directions, and be quiet when they are speaking on Discord. Do not monopolize Discord or inundate the Raid Leader with whispers about your brilliant strategy ideas during the raid. If a discussion is invited, then keep it brief and to the point.
• Punctuality. Be online before raid invites are issued, and be at the raid entrance and ready to raid before the raid starts. If you can't be online on time, make sure you leave a message saying so. Do not keep x amount of people waiting.
• Positive criticism is a good thing. Members should feel free to give advice and suggestions to other players to improve their play. Equally, Members should view any positive criticism as an opportunity to improve.
• PTT (Push To Talk) is recommended for raiding, but can be actively turned off and on at GM and GO's discretion.
• Constructive feedback and discussion on all aspects of the guild and raiding is always welcome.

Raiding Schedule

• Wednesday: 20:45 - 23:15 
• Friday: 20:45 - 23:15
• Sunday: 20:45 - 23:15