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Pugs in raids

Just a thought or two from the GM.


Alliance Guild, Hellfire, EU

August 16, 2020 by BetrayalEU


All I'm going to say is looking at these so-called Mythic raiders joining pugs etc I really APPRECIATE all the members we have in this guild. Some of you still have some stuff to learn but even you are better than the shit I just had to run with tonight. A pally healer 475 ilvl I might add only healing 22k on HC bosses is just wrong on so many levels. 480 ilvl rogues barely pulling 60k dps is a WTF as well. So I guess what I'm saying is a lot of you struggle with your gear/dps/ilvl/tactics but just remember your learning with the guidance of your fellow guild members and you're better than some. I have said this multiple times and I will say it again, you can have all the gear in the world and be absolutely dog shit. Like seriously dog shit. I would take anyone with knowledge and the will to learn from their mistakes over these ilvl bandits that think they are god's gift to WoW raiding and have zero skills/brains to back it up. Betrayal members and I do mean this for all of you I LOVE the bones of you all! Keep on fucking rocking that shit! Your GM (Meateor)