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Looking to Shadowlands

looking forward to the new!


Alliance Guild, Hellfire, EU

August 14, 2020 by BetrayalEU


It's the end of the expansion lull, and people young and old are struggling to log in more and more. This is all due to end game content is done for most. We here at Betrayal haven't given up yet and still trying to push the end game as a guild where possible, with the ever-growing Mythic raider team. That said we are all of course looking forward to something new to sink our teeth into sooner rather than later. However, we are concerned a little that the expansion content might be being rushed out due to the time frame the current expansion has existed for. We all hope that isn't the case because Shadowlands without looking around the net for any spoilers is looking awesome sauce. With all this said we are still recruiting for more members social or otherwise to come to join our crazy little family. With the recent merge of the guilds home server Hellfire, to 3 more servers (was already connected to Arathor), we are hoping more people will be looking for a new home to call their own with us here at Betrayal. So welcome all new and old and home to see and speak to some of you soon.

Thanks the GM Meateor.