The Badgersterium

Alliance Guild • Thunderhorn • EU • Retail


The Badgersterium needs new recruits!

The Badgersterium is recruiting! We're looking for a few lovely new people to join the Badgers, see below for what we want in a person.

The Badgersterium

Alliance Guild, Thunderhorn, EU

September 18, 2020 by Antarthas


Above all, friendly and non-judgemental!

-Easy going, casual player

The guild has no definite raiding or mythic+ schedule but we have groups doing mythic runs most evenings, with no expectation to be there.

-Not looking to have a regular raiding/mythic + schedule (at least for now)

Life comes first. The guild has a mix of people from all sorts of different backgrounds, we don't encourage putting WoW before your social life or other fun things outside of the game.

-Be willing to learn, and give and take advice!

We're by no means pro-players, but we do ok by working together on things and not getting upset when it's not going well. If we fail, we fail. No stress, we try again next time.


All colours, races, sexualities, gender identities (or lack thereof), ages, IQ's, spectrums and fashion senses are welcome in The Badgersterium.

As long as you're kind to everyone and willing to help everyone progress, you'll fit in. A good sense of humour is not essential, but it will definitely help.