Back Door Bandits

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Post Season 2 Round Up

Celebrating our first full season as a guild!

Back Door Bandits

Alliance Guild, Runetotem, EU

November 7, 2023 by Blammy


We've wrapped up our first full season with a bang, and it's safe to say that our achievements have far exceeded our wildest expectations, everyone should be very proud of the progress made. It's been really nice to see over the course of the season (which started very deflated).


First and foremost a huge congratulations to Dylan, Briggs and Will on achieving the prestigious Elite status! Well deserved by all 3, not to mention the invaluable support they've provided to the guild, helping all of us improve. Also congratulations to all the Duelists within the guild now, there really are too many to list! As we look ahead, it's evident that everyone is eagerly anticipating what the next season brings :D


The RBG push group, The Outlaws has been a massive success and has probably been one of my personal highlights of the season. Considering the limited experience we had at the beginning of the season we've truly transformed into a formidable force to be reckoned with, running circles around some much higher MMR teams. Huge congratulations and thanks here to Zebar for leading the groups, working on tactics and keeping a cool head when shit hits the fan. We finished top in our realm group (which didn't even feel possible at the start of the season..!) and just shy of the top 100 guilds on Check-PvP in Europe.


To further strengthen our guild leadership, we welcomed Dylan onto the Council towards the end of the season. With this addition, we believe we've set the stage for our guild to tackle Season 3 in the most effective manner, supporting every member in reaching their goals which brings me to RBGs...


Starting next week we will be running open RBG groups again every Tuesday so please sign-up and join in. We will be dropping the Wednesday night groups due to lack of availability of a leader on that set night. If someone does wish to run Wednesday nights please get in touch, we can probably work something out.


Too all the friends and foes made this season, thanks for the games and see you on the battlefield!