Avengers of Teldrassil

Alliance Guild • Tanaris • US • Retail


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We are looking to add more members to our guild who enjoy all things WoW. We're not hardcore players but we do enjoy doing most things in game.

Avengers of Teldrassil

Alliance Guild, Tanaris, US

May 12, 2023 by Myrwen


We are a very laid back casual/social Alliance (cross-faction as well) guild formed on the US Tanaris/Greymane server.
We all have families, go to school, work or other stuff so we understand real life comes first. Most of us have families, so family comes first always. We are not an obligation guild. We are a guild meant for you to come and enjoy your WoW experience! We are here to help you run your WQ, Mythics and whatever else you need help with!
We don't care what your ilvl is or what level you are! We are a down to earth guild that just enjoys each other’s company! We are not hardcore. We have a lot of veteran players as well as new players! Looking to recruit anyone who needs a home for their toons. No pressure, no minimum level, no expectations.
If this sounds like a good fit for you please, look us up and apply! Or feel free to DM: Myrwen#1498 or Discord - Bridget#4979