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Ante Mortem

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February 1, 2024 by Stoo


Good afternoon All!

It’s time for an update regarding what Leadership has been cooking up for AM! Everyone is wondering what’s happening next! Well here’s the plan:

Season 3

For the rest of season 3 we will continue to run one night only heroic raids on Tuesdays! Bring whoever you want and sign up in discord! We’ll get as far as we can then call it a night. No attendance requirements, just for loot and fun! Friends are welcome We’ll also continue pushing mythic plus throughout the week for portals, KSM, mythic gear, crest farming, etc!

There will be an achievement event for Amirdrassil SOON! It will likely take 2 nights to complete. It will be on a Tuesday and a Thursday. You must be in Ante Mortem discord to participate in this event! Guild membership isn’t required but signups and voice will be in AM.

Season 4 Fated

The goal for season 4 are the heroic fated raids. In the past there is an achievement that comes with the season that we will aim to get! We’re looking to clear raids faster and more efficiently. More info on this once we get a date for Season 4. AM is going to start actively recruiting for heroic players for the fated season!

The War Within

The next expac is coming and we want to achieve even more during The War Within! Ideally, this is where we will form a mythic raid team of 20 dedicated people. Spots will be competitive, selection will be based on performance during the Season 4 Fated Raids and Warcraft Logs! Mythic raiding will likely require pushing M+ for quicker gear and crests. There will be a backup group of folks for this team!

Now we know all of you aren’t going to be mythic raiding and that is okay! If recruiting goes well and we have enough people to step up as leaders, we will still have a HEROIC ONLY team (very similar to Scrubs). Siy and I are only 2 people and intend on tanking and leading the Mythic raid team. We will do our best to make sure that both teams happen! As ALWAYS Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the GMs or officers with any questions/comments/concerns!